Spring 2013 Newsletter

Call for Proposals - Civic Engagement Research Fund Awards for FY 2014

IPCE announces the availability of funding to support research projects centered on civic engagement for up to $20,000 each. UIC faculty, research faculty, or research staff of UIC research institutes and centers are eligible to apply.
IPCE seeks to support research that furthers understanding about effective strategies or tools that help:

  1. citizens better understand the policymaking process;
  2. citizens become more involved in policy debate or deliberation;
  3. government become more responsive to citizens;
  4. government, non profits, and civic institutions use technology to engage and connect citizens with government and/or provide better services;
  5. increase access to technology for populations that have disproportionately lower access than the public at large; and
  6. community development efforts or local community change initiatives use civic engagement to enhance effectiveness or increase the overall impact of programs.

Applications must be submitted electronically by May 24, 2013.  More details, including a full announcement and application, are available at www.ipce.uic.edu.  If you have any questions, please contact Norma Ramos at (312) 355-0095. 


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