Spring 2013 Newsletter

IPCE Gets Massive Student Input for Dialogue and Deliberation Events

IPCE is interested in hosting campus events that foster dialogue on topics that matter most to UIC students. In April, the Institute conducted an Internet survey soliciting feedback from UIC undergraduate students on the policy issues most important to them. Over 1,000 students responded to the survey.

According to the results, students reported (in order of popularity) health care, community violence, jobs, health & wellness, and higher education as the issues they care about most. IPCE will be utilizing these results to schedule and frame campus conversations for its upcoming Dialogue and Deliberation (D&D) work. With the intent of building mutual understanding and knowledge, the D&D events will convene students, scholars, and community members in facilitated conversations on relevant social issues. These events will also be organized in collaboration with other UIC initiatives and academic departments.

Please be on the lookout for our dialogues, coming Fall 2013!

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