Winter 2014 Newsletter

UIC Students Talk Jobs and the Economy in First Campus Dialogue 

On November 6, 2013, an intimate group of students came together to participate in IPCE's first Campus Dialogue held in partnership with the Office of Diversity and the Great Cities Institute. Students were divided into small groups and, with the guidance of trained facilitators, deliberated on issues related to jobs and the economy.

Most U.S. citizens receive their income from wages, which means their standard of living, insurance benefits, and even social status all depend on their job and the economy. However, the number of jobs lost during the "Great Recession" totaled a staggering 8.4 million. With signs of recovery approaching and an effort to make up for jobs lost, students came together to discuss the pros and cons of different policy approaches to rebuilding the economy, including more government investment in infrastructure and education, unleashing the private sector by reducing taxes and regulations, and strengthening the middle class by cutting taxes on wages and providing affordable government benefits.

According to our survey results, 100% of responding students thought the campus dialogue and the small group discussion opportunities were either "good" or "great." Students also stated that they learned a lot from being able to unpack complex policy approaches and deliberate with their fellow students.

We are excited to continue holding Campus Dialogues this spring. Stay tuned for more information on the next two dialogues in our series focusing on community violence and healthcare.

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