Winter 2013 Newsletter

IPCE Awards Civic Engagement Public Discourse Grants

The Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement (IPCE) is proud to announce the recipients of the 2012-2013 Civic Engagement Discourse Fund Grants. Five UIC faculty and staff have been selected by the Institute to be funded for their projects central to IPCE's mission to support events that facilitate public discourse on policy issues or the policy implications of university research. Each recipient is awarded up to $5,000 toward his/her project and must submit a report of his/her work and outcomes to the Institute for online publication.


Evelina Ayrapetyan
Jane Addams College of Social Work
Event: "Post Election Wrap up Discussion" – The event provides an opportunity
for members of the social work community to engage in a critical dialogue
about the economic and social implications of domestic federal policy on social
services following the 2012 presidential election.


George Crabtree
Department of Physics/College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Event: "Energy: The Next Fifty Years" – The event will bring together scientists and industry leaders with members of the UIC community and interested community groups from the Chicago area. Attendees will participate in an open discourse, share opinions about a broad range of policy and energy-related topics, and discuss how the city of Chicago, the United States, and the countries of the world should respond to the pressures for collaboration to address issues related to energy.

Heather Prendergast
Department of Emergency Medicine/College of Medicine
Event: "Connecting the Pieces: Nutrition, Health, Food Justice and Obesity" – The event is a community forum to promote a dialogue targeting African American youth. The forum will engage African American youth in consumer advocacy workshops to increase their awareness of the i) prevalence of obesity in the African-American community; ii) health consequences of obesity; iii) role of individual, community, and policy-level contributors to obesity and obesity-related disparities; and iv) advocacy strategies that can be used to empower youth to improve their communities.

Jennifer Hebert-Bierne
Department of Community Health Sciences/School of Public Health
Event: "Neighborhood and Health: Identifying Community Health Priorities" – The event will facilitate information and knowledge sharing on community health findings toward health and social policy recommendations across interdisciplinary UIC faculty, community members and community-based organizations in South Lawndale, local politicians, and government officials.


Martin Lipsky
College of Medicine at Rockford
Event: "Second Wind: Engaging Seniors in Advancing a Healthy Community" – The event provides opportunities for individuals and groups to engage each other in dialogue regarding the role of seniors in a healthy community.


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