Sep 19 2019

2019 Urban Forum: Are we there yet? The myths and realities of autonomous vehicles

UIC Urban Forum

September 19 - June 19, 2019

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Student Center East Illinois Room


750 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60612

The wide-scale use of connected and autonomous vehicles, also called CAVs, is increasingly closer to becoming a reality due to recent advances in automobile technology. Early studies in this segment of transportation research suggest a broad introduction of CAVs could deliver important economic advantages via less pollution, crash prevention, reduced travel time, fuel efficiency and parking benefits.

Even as the penetration of CAVs into the automobile market evolves, the technology is not fully understood and many other significant questions still remain.

How will these vehicles change society's habits? Are government and transportation authorities prepared to make appropriate policy and investment decisions? In what transportation corridors will CAVs be implemented? How are automotive manufacturers and suppliers preparing for the impact of this shift by consumers? How will the introduction of CAVs impact parking and the built infrastructure?

The 2019 UIC Urban Forum will examine these and other uncertainties surrounding not only the societal and legislative impact of CAVs, but also the technological advances needed for these vehicles to proliferate. The featured expert panels and corresponding papers will also address many factors that impinge travel and movement – from licensing and regulation to funding and infrastructure - along with significant behavioral factors influenced by CAVs, which all need greater clarity before the introduction of CAVs can deliver a true paradigm shift in mobility and how people travel.

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Norma Ramos

Date posted

Jun 19, 2019

Date updated

Jun 25, 2019