Fall 2013 Newsletter

Putting Our Children First: A Community Dialogue on Child Well Being in North Lawndale 

On Tuesday, September 10 IPCE hosted, "Putting Our Children First: A Community Dialogue on Child Well Being in North Lawndale" with our community partners. This community forum offered residents and social service providers the opportunity to come together to reason and talk - to build a shared understanding and search for common ground on what we can do to help our youngest children thrive.

Using the National Issues Forum method, the dialogue offered participants the opportunity to consider the costs, benefits, and trade offs of three different approaches to the development and well-being of our youngest children. The following questions provided a local framework for the event's presentation and discussions: In the midst of massive school closings, violence, and other social ills, how can North Lawndale residents put the well being of their children first - now and in the future? How can they transform their community into a safe and stable environment where their children can learn and be healthy? How can they get them ready for school and equipped to learn? How can we all (IPCE, our partners, and residents) highlight the great work already being done in North Lawndale?

Approximately 40 participants discussed these questions and much more through the process of dialogue and deliberation at the new Lawndale Christian Health Center (3860 W Ogden Ave.). IPCE is writing a report that will have the major points of discussion, participant comments, and the results of the evaluation.

Planning Advisory Committee and Community Partners include:
Carole Robertson Center for Learning, Family Focus Lawndale, I AM ABLE Center for Family Development, Inc., Illinois Action for Children, Sinai Community Institute and Valerie Leonard, Community Development Consultant.

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