Fall 2013 Newsletter

From the Director, Joseph K. Hoereth, Ph.D.

Friends of IPCE,

We have jumped headfirst into a new UIC academic year, and IPCE is already making waves in and around the University. We have plenty of exciting programs, events, and activities to look forward to this fall, but I also want to take a moment and acknowledge the busy summer we experienced full of wonderful learning opportunities for staff, students, and community members alike. Earlier in the summer, IPCE staff attended the American Democracy Project National Meeting in Denver and the Frontiers of Democracy Conference in Boston and had the chance to interact with leading practitioners and scholars from across the country on themes of citizenship and civic vitality. In July, IPCE hosted a town hall with youth participating in UIC's summer jazz camp in which students discussed the power of music to address community issues. IPCE made significant progress in its dialogue and deliberation efforts over the summer, with its affiliated Community of Practice Working Group holding monthly meetings, arranging networking events, and participating in a Collective Story Harvest on dialogue and deliberation projects throughout Chicago.

With a few weeks of the fall semester already behind us, we are well into the swing of things. We are happy to announce the launch of a new program of dialogue and deliberation at IPCE this fall, and already one of our many planned events in this program area is complete. "A Community Talk on Child Well-Being in North Lawndale" was held on Tuesday, September 10. Using the process of dialogue and deliberation, this forum offered North Lawndale residents an opportunity to discuss and address the difficult issues affecting child well-being in their community. As always, our leadership development training and research program areas are underway. A new cohort of 25 UPPF Fellows is already hard at work at their internship sites. We have also announced the five recipients of our 2014 Civic Engagement Research Awards and are looking forward to research products focused on 1) empowering parents of students with disabilities to affect policy, 2) enabling citizen participation through big data integration, 3) addressing social disparities in the disability community living and participation, 4) improving individual and community health through urban park revitalization efforts, and 5) understanding the effects of social media on civic engagement. In the coming months we will also be sharing research reports from last year's research awardees. Stay tuned.

Our fall calendar is quickly filling with important events and activities, and we hope you make special note of the dates. I invite you to attend a special lecture event hosted in partnership with the Great Cities Institute, "The Arc that Bends Toward Justice Requires an Accelerator: Engaged Learning as the Bridge to Civic Engagement," from Troy Duster, PhD, Chancellor's Professor at the Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy, University of California, Berkley, on Thursday, October 10. Please watch our website for more updates, including dates and information for our ongoing Brown Bag Series and other IPCE or IPCE-sponsored events.


Joseph K. Hoereth, Ph.D

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