Civic Engagement Discourse Fund


IPCE supports events that facilitate public discourse on policy issues or the policy implications of university research. Events include public forums, dialogues, town hall meetings, and small conferences or workshops that are either open to the public or that target a specific audience, such as policy advocates; residents of a specific neighborhood; or a subpopulation, such as seniors or youth.


IPCE Discourse Fund Awards are a maximum of $4,000 each. Events must be held by the end of the academic year.  Awardees must submit a post-event report summarizing the event and its outcomes, including any media generated by the event (audio, video, podcasts, photos, or other web-based media) with IPCE. Funds may be used for costs of the event such as space or room rental, food and refreshments provided to participants, promotional or other printed materials, equipment less than $500 in value, and the salaries of research assistants or other staff who support the event. IPCE funding may not be used for scholarships, student stipends, or tuition differentials for students.


All UIC faculty and staff of research institutes or centers are eligible to apply. Applications filed by an academic department must be submitted by the department chair or head. Applications must be pre-approved by the department head via signature. Eligible events must be expected to serve a minimum of 30 attendees. Events that would be attended only by UIC faculty, staff, or students are not eligible.Conferences for membership or professional associations are not eligible.


IPCE seeks to facilitate dialogue that educates individuals or groups about policy issues, or provides opportunities for individuals or groups to engage each other in dialogue regarding policy issues. The following factors will be considered for selection:

  1. Scale and scope of the event. The number of participants engaged; the richness of the discussions, learning, or experience.

  3. The extent to which the event has a clearly defined outcome.  Every event should have a clearly defined purpose and expected outcome.

  5. The salience of the issues addressed by the event. Are any of these policy issues currently in debate or discussion amongst the broader public, elected leaders, or in the news media, etc.?

  7. The involvement of external partners. This includes community-based organizations, civic groups, or government agencies as partners or as consumers/users of the research outcomes or tools.

  9. Use of or focus on technology. The utilization of or the examination of the innovative use of technology to enhance civic engagement.




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IPCE's Mission




The Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement (IPCE) is committed to transforming democracy by creating a more fully engaged community with more effective leaders.