Civic Engagement Research Fund Awards 2012 - 2013

  Lynette Jackson
 Department of Gender and Women’s Studies/College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
 “New African Diasporas”


  Kelly LeRoux
 Department of Public Administration/College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
  “Nonprofits and Voter Registration”

 Angela Odoms-Young
 Kinesiology and Nutrition/College of Applied Health Sciences
  “Civic Engagement and Food Justice”


 Piyushimita Thakuriah
  Urban Planning and Policy/College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
  “Urban Informatics Big Data and Community Engagement”



 Rachel Weber
  Urban Planning and Policy/College or Urban Planning and Public Affairs
 “Chicago Participatory Budgeting Research Project”



Civic Engagement and Disability: using advocacy and technology to advance the political participation of people with disabilities


Comments from a reader:

"Very few people would probably know that policies concerning people with disabilities are typically made on their behalf by a third party. This leaves one to speculate about whether they even agree with the policies being made.  This analogous to the board of education and k-12 students, students also have no “voice” when it comes to educational policies."