Urban Public Policy Fellowship (UPPF) Program


The Urban Public Policy Fellowship (UPPF) program is a leadership development program designed to expose historically underrepresented minority undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) to key public policy issues. The program provides Fellows with weekly seminars offering a solid introduction to theory and practice in the areas of public policymaking, advocacy, community development, and service provision and also a valuable internship experience. 

Students from all academic areas are eligible, including those with an interest in fields such as education, urban planning, political science, sociology, urban health, communication, and law. Upperclassman standing (minimum 45 hours) is necessary to participate in this non-degree, non-credit program. 

Urban Public Policy Fellowship (UPPF) Program
Informational Sessions.

Please join us.

  1. March 8th - 2:00 pm, African American Academic Network, SSB
  2. March 13th -12 noon, Latin American Recruitment & Educational Services, SSB

  3. April 9th - 12 noon, Latin American Recruitment & Educational Services, SSB
  4. April 11th - 2:00 pm, African American Academic Network, SSB.

Check UPPF Info Session Flyer for details.

UPPF Application
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Letters of recommendation can be submitted via email to Catalina Nava-Esparza at cnava2@uic.edu or at uppfapplication@gmail.com.

For more information regarding the UPPF program or application process, please contact Catalina Nava-Esparza at (312) 355-0154 or via email: cnava2@uic.edu

2016-2017 UPPF Program

2015-2016 UPPF Program

2014-2015 UPPF Program

2013-2014 UPPF Program

2012-2013 UPPF Program

2011-2012 UPPF Program

2010-2011 UPPF Program 

Spring 2010 UPPF Program 

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The UPPF Program is administered by IPCE in partnership with the Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services program (LARES) and the African American Academic Network (AAAN).






UPPF Alumni


Victor Perez

Spring 2010

Major: Urban & Public Affairs

Internship Placement: City of Blue Island

Research Project: Mass Transit Funding Policy & Its Impact on Chicago

Life after UPPF:
Victor will begin Master of Urban Planning & Public Affairs Program at UIC in the fall of 2012.