Civic Engagement Research Awards Application

Research awards

IPCE's competitive Civic Engagement Research Awards aim to support UIC research that relates to the concept, practices, and methods of civic engagement.

The Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement (IPCE) announces a call for proposals for research projects centered on civic engagement. UIC faculty and research staff of UIC research centers, institutes, and programs are eligible to apply. Awards are set at a maximum of $20,000 each.

IPCE seeks to partner on research that furthers understanding about effective strategies or tools that help:

1. citizens better understand the policymaking process;

2. citizens and communities to become more engaged in policy debate or deliberative processes;

3. government become more responsive to citizens;

4. government, non-profits, and civic institutions use technology to engage and connect citizens (including those with disproportionately lower access to technology than the public at large) with government and/or improve service delivery;

5. community development efforts or local community change initiatives use civic engagement to enhance effectiveness or increase the overall impact of programs.

Applications are now closed. The 2021-22 Awardees will be announced on July 31st.

IPCE commitments are contingent upon FY2022 state funding and availability. At this time, IPCE FY2022 funding has not yet been confirmed.

2021-22 Applications are Closed

Application instructions

The application is a fillable PDF. In order to ensure your application’s full completion, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the application to your desktop
  2. Save it and rename it “IPCE_Research_Fund_Application_[YOUR LAST NAME]”
  3. Fill out the PDF
  4. Print and scan the PDF with necessary signatures
  5. Send the complete application as well as the required supplementary materials to

For more information, please contact IPCE Associate Director Norma Ramos.